I am just me, no more and no less.

Oprah said that she once thought “who do I think I am?” to go on to say with assurance, “this is who I am”, and the rest is quite litrally, history as she will be a major part of it.

I believe in sharing. And I believe we all need to do this in an effort to bridge the gaps between each other and nature, to expose our innumerable similarities, and increase empathy for, and acceptance of, one another and nature.  I believe in the laws of attraction.  That thought is the origin of all things.  That what we believe we bring into being, by focusing on abundance rather than lack, and what we need and want rather than life deficiencies.  I believe there is an incredible power in the moment we call now.

I had an awakening, and I was inspired by several different people to go on to live the life I imagined, and to find my bliss. This is my year of change, of doing things differently.

If you believe, it will be.

This is who I am.

You’ll find my musings on the Home page, and I have a plethora of amazing friends with lot’s of wisdom and expertise to offer, so I hope they’ll contribute and share,  you’ll find them on the Community Page. “Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together”. And things that are just fun, on the Light page.

Penny Light

Penny 3

2 thoughts on “Penny

  1. Thanks Steph, that is sweet. But I’m just me. We are all beautiful, with a capacity to affect change, one day, one person at a time. We have so many tools to reach people now, more people than ever before, we should use this internet wisely. It’s the greatest source of information in the world and it’s free.

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