“Talking ’bout A #socialmedia Revolution. You know we all want to change the world”

I’ve been removing negative things in my life. I don’t buy magazines with all those suggestive ads and images that tell us we are supposed to be a certain way, look a certain way, dress a certain way. I haven’t had a T.V since 2008 because I couldn’t stand watching the news. I found it depressing. I believe in staying informed, so I read the newspaper online, while the same news is often in the papers I get to choose what to read and what not to read.

I’ve also done tiny experiments within my small community of social media interactions by only posting positive or helpful information or by posting negative information. What I began to notice is that there was a ripple effect. I’m not saying I started it, at times I followed it. While I was on my mission to only post positive things I would easily get pulled by some post that I liked or felt strongly about but had a negative undertone and it would stir negative feelings in me and I would share it and then what I noticed was a lot more negative things showing up in my news feed.

But when I posted happy thoughts, or helpful thoughts and articles, what followed in my feed was more helpful and positive things for me to read. I didn’t shy away from the things I felt strongly about, I just made sure what was being shared was helpful in overcoming whatever it was that was ailing me, in turn hopefully helping others.

Taking into consideration the shocking stats about social media that this incredibly impactful video lists, wouldn’t it make sense to use the most POWERFUL source with the widest reach of INFORMATION SHARING (in history) to help each other and gain more knowledge?

As much as the power of our subconscious minds has at driving our life (which is 100%) and as much as the messages and content we put into our subconscious minds with our conscious minds effects us mentally, physically and spiritually (100%) so too does what we put out on social media affect others. We must use it for good and be mindful.

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