Let’s talk about sex.


In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory that remains valid today for understanding human motivation and personal development and is probably more relevant now more than ever says that humans are motivated by needs. Some different from others, but the very most basic needs, the ones at our very core that are necessary for human survival, or motivation, and the way  to achieve self  actualization, are  (basically) the same for all of us.

The most basic needs of humans have evolved over thousands of years.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs suggests that we must meet each need in turn and that after, and only when the lowest order needs are met (these are physical and emotional needs) will we be motivated to reach the higher order needs. And If we completely take away the lowest oder needs we can not maintain the higher order ones.

So everyone, get outside more, breath in fresh air, keep your breath calm, drink lot’s of water, eat healthy and nutritional food, get enough sleep, stay warm, and have sex.


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