Is your goal to live with no regrets and in peace? Goal accomplished.

When people are asked what a really scary thing in life would be?

The majority say regret.

Making the wrong choice creates a feeling of regret.

Think of all the choices we make in a day.

How would you like you’re coffee? Caramel Brule Latte? Vanilla Spice Frappuccino? Skinny peppermint mocha? Eggnog Lattee? Caffe Mocha? Iced Caffe Americano?

Ever had order regret?

Ever had technology regret because you didn’t realize that a brand new version of your phone was coming out just 2 weeks after you bought the old version?

That’s the problem with having too many choices, we’re always going to be afraid of making the wrong choice. (pssst….what we have doesn’t actually matter)

In actuality becuase of all the choices we have, we live in a state of regret.

Think about it.

Think some more.

That in itself is living our life on replay, a combative state of the conscious and subconscious mind, we keep skipping a beat.

We’re living in the past and the future, we are never in the now, there is no referee keeping the game fair.

What can we do?

We can defiantly eliminate the pesky past thing by being in the now, right? We cannot grab onto the past and hold it here, that is what holds us back and ties us down and stops us from moving forward, so we simply have to let it go.

The past, or the chatter that goes on in our subconscious mind will never go away, but when it comes up we can now acknowledge it, we can thank it (it taught us something, everything taught us something, we know that), and then we can send it on it’s way, let it go.

That’s some of the fear of regret gone.

We can most certainly eliminate the anxiety one gets of not knowing what will happen in the future, (and come on, really? we all know we will actually never know this, there is no way in the world that we could ever know this, it’s a completely unrealistic idea or goal to think we can know the future, so we should really stop setting unrealistic goals on ourselves while we’re at it, however, don’t get too excited… we do know that we can somewhat predict the future by seeing patterns in history remember?) anyway, we can eliminate the anxiety and the expectations we have of the (completely unknown) future by coming into the present moment. We can not keep looking to the future or only focusing on the goal, that’s what sets up expectations and we find ourselves always disappointed, like we missed a step along the way, we skipped a beat, we overlooked something, missed the on ramp, didn’t catch the wave, like we didn’t get it quite right, we missed something along the journey, so we go back and do it again, and again. That’s our subconscious mind on replay. That’s history repeating itself. That’s the internal conversations with ourselves, screaming at us to learn the lesson already so we can all move on!

We won’t get it right, the balance, the flow, riding the perfect wave, enjoying the journey, until we refocus on the present moment, on the day to day, on the steps we take to reach the goal or the future we imagine, not until we bring our goals and our aspirations into the present moment will we we enjoy the ride, will we embrace the journey, will we ride the perfect wave, when we will be grateful for what we have and not suffer for more.

Our goals should consist of what we want to feel, what we want to see, and what we want to hear in the environment of which we imagine ourselves in when we reach our goals. It’s our imagination. POWERFUL.

It’s not just about the business we want to start, or the finish line we want to cross, the house we want to buy, that we want to be debt free so we can buy more or to loose ten pounds.

It’s about remaining true to ourselves along the way. It’s about how we feel, see, hear.

Our goals should align with our core values.

How will we feel now that we have that house?

How will we feel when we are 10lbs lighter?

How we will feel when we are debt free?

What will we hear ourselves say, or what others will say to us when we have the house?

When we’ve lost 10lbs?

When we’re debt free?

What will our house look like?

What will we see ourselves as when we are 10lbs lighter? how will others? What will people say

If we quiet the choices we have by being present in every moment and thankful for what we have we’’ll find we are experiencing a much more fulfilling and enriching life and authentic life. We’ll start feeling how we want to and our enviroment will become what we want without even noticing.

We must quite them at the same pace as our breath goes in and out.

That is how often the conscious and subconscious mind come into play with each other.

Every moment you breath in and breath out.

So keep you’re breath calm or it’ll be a full blown boxing match between the minds and people might get hurt.

If we do this, not only will we become more aware of ourselves, but inherently we’ll become much more aware of our surroundings, of our environment and more aware of each other. As humans we inherently make sure everything around us is safe and where we feel content, nurtured, authentic, where there is enough food, water, and a sense of community, a sense of family, where our basic human needs are being met, where we’ll most likely thrive and reach our full potential. Where we’ll plant our garden.

It’s how we’ve thus far survived as a species.

We will take better care.

We will pay more attention to all the tiny details.

We will take care of the earth in which we occupy.

We will nurture ourselves.

we will nurture others and the relationships in our lives

We will come together as a community.

We will help each other which will in turn help us individually and will ultimately help all of humanity.

Much like an elephant can step on a twig and not break it, or gently step over a tiny birds nest on it’s path to water, so too shall we be gentle with the planet and humanity.

When people are asked what they wish for humanity or for the world?

The majority say peace.

When we all step into the present moment, the world will be a much more peaceful place.

Live Light. Live with no regrets. Live in peace.

Going through old photos and came across this. I took this in Cape Town on the 2nd of Jan 2012. It was an Art Installation that I had been eyeing along the waterfront a couple of times as I walked by it. I stopped at a couple of the statues along the way, but not long enough to read and catch that there was a story. Shame. However I remember being extra drawn to this one from afar and spent some time there and read the message underneath and it struck me, but looking at it now just over a year later and it’s struck me even harder. Go to www.walkingtheroad.comThere is a a very profound and beautiful message, and the art installations brilliantly tell it. Bravo to the artist.

South Africa

Walking the Road

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